If you’re interested to join EMSI as a student, or if you want to find out more about what we do, please visit our research page. Students at all levels are encouraged to get in touch if they want to find out more about openings and available projects.

If you’re at EPFL and you’re looking to build or make something for your experiment, see if a solution exists on the atelier labo wiki! If a solution isn’t already there, please consider posting a brief write-up so your hard work is put to good use.

News & updates

5.2019 Welcome, Manish Das! Manish is joining us for a few months as an intern, courtesy of the amazing E3 program here at EPFL

13.3.2019 The VFT makes the EPFL homepage: see the article here!

12.3.2019 Our VFT paper is out in Optics Express! Big thanks to Sam Dillavou and Shmuel Rubinstein, collaborators on the work at Harvard. A sample video of the oustanding performance of the VFT for a propagating crack in an elastomer is included here:

29.10.2018 Our custom confocal microscope is now online!! Check out an image of a textured superhydrophobic surface prepared by Martin:

26.9.2018 Interested in soft material fracture? Check out our new PRL (with Itamar Kovlin, Jian Ping Gong and Jay Fineberg): https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.135501

23.9.2018 Congratulations to Wassim, who is recognized as the best overall undergraduate student at EPFL! It was a pleasure having you in the lab, and we wish you the best of luck in Zurich!

1.4.2018 EMSI welcomes two student interns from the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris: Welcome, Paul Lilin and Louis David!!

2.2.2018 EMSI is very happy to welcome Dr. Martin Coux as a post-doctoral scholar in the lab. Congratulations on winning the prestigious Piaget award! See the press release, and more information about the award.

19.12.2017 Julien is here to install the Andor spectrometer! Thanks to the IGM small equipment grant for helping to make this happen.

3.11.2017 EMSI welcomes the new (to EMSI) microscope from Nikon

11.2017 EMSI lab doors are now open!

10.10.2017 EMSI is very pleased to host Dr. Benjamin Palmer for the upcoming IGM colloquium on Oct. 24th! For details, look here

14.9.2017 Don’t miss the IGM colloquium series this semester! The series kicks off with an awesome talk by our neighbor at ETHZ, Eric Dufresne. He’ll be speaking about amazing soft-interface physics: https://actus.epfl.ch/news/igm-colloquium-the-mechanics-of-soft-solid-inter-3/

28.8.2017 News article featuring John can be found on the STI website.

29.7.2017 Group day hike to Aletsch glacier! Since 1980, it has lost nearly 1.5 km of its length, and since 1890, more than 300 m of its thickness. Despite the glacial recession, it is amazing to see in person.

20.7.2017 Kudos to Wassim for constructing the interferometry set-up in record time!

12.7.2017 The summer is flying by, and both groups are making amazing progress! Kudos to Lucas for configuring our `pi-cam’ in a single afternoon. A first image from the coffee group:

14.6.2017 Consider contributing to the new EPFL atelier labo wiki, where labs can share hard-earned experience, and learn from others who’ve faced similar experimental challenges.

7.6.2017 Lab construction is underway!

6.2017 EMSI welcomes Wassim, Mazen, Daphné and Lucas for undergraduate summer research projects!

1.6.2017 EMSI is awarded an IGM grant for an optical spectrometer with the MicroBioRobotic Systems Laboratory!

8.5.2017 Svetlana Mashkina joins the EMSI team as the group admin. Welcome, Svetlana!

1.5.2017 EMSI officially gets its start!